Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Busy, how about you?

My first quilt today is one of Alex's.  This beautiful quilt is a gift for a very special person in her life. I LOVE the modern fabrics with the very girly quilting design and the light pink thread.  It is a winner and will make a fabulous gift for the special person in her life.

Here's a beautiful quilt made by Candy from men's shirts.  With all of the lines Candy decided to mix it up a bit and go with a circular quilting design that finished off the quilt wonderfully!

This adorable little pink quilt came to me all the way from Washington.  Dorothy put this cute little quilt together from her stash.   

Dorothy tells me these fabrics were also from her stash!  
She did a fantastic job of mixing two blocks and then adding the two columns to divide the blocks.  Edging with a combo of all of the fabrics are a great way to use up those scraps!

New quilter Elizabeth brought me this bright baby quilt.  She did a good job with her quarter inch seams which made my job a breeze!  The hearts are always perfect for baby quilts.

Erna had me help her finish this scrappy quilt for a friend of her's.  
LOVE, LOVE. LOVE scrappy!!
Where else can you use all of those tiny little pieces of fabric with all of the fun and funky prints?!

Genia put this super cool modern quilt!
The accent pieces were machine stitched and create the perfect accent pieces for the gray.

This quilt is one that Melynn pulled together from a panel.  She cut the ABC's apart and added a border to create a cute little block.  The monkeys in the corners.  I picked up the circular quilting design from the polka dot fabric sashing.  

This adorable little quilt was a UFO from Melynn's aunt.  She had lost interest in finishing it.  The blue border is just what this little animal print needed to bring it up the a great size for a little person.  I used Cotton Candy as the quilting design, another great one for baby quilts.

A FANTASTIC job on this t-shirt quilt Melynn!!
Love the way you used sashing to incorporate all of the smaller pieces you wanted to bring to the quilt.  It is a drop dead great quilt!
Take a moment to check out the graphic on the quilt,  you won't be sorry you did!

Here's a couple of great quilts from Terry over at Terry's Treasures.  I'm sure most of you know Terry, if you don't hop on over to her blog and check out her latest post.  She's always up to something.

That's it for today, I've got a couple more already done and ready for pictures, both machines are loaded and a few sitting around just waiting for a little attention.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

(Why) Are you paying too much for your quilting?

EDITED - Updated Link

I have come under fire for my quilting pricing before, and I will most likely be under fire again for this post.  I do not charge the 'going' rate for my long arm quilting.  I love what I do and I am lucky enough to be able to do it.  With that being said, here's what the quilts at my house look like. Take a few moments to click on the photos and read the captions.

As you can see the quilts at my house are very used and loved.  Just everyday quilts that we love.  This is the way I want it, this is the way I love it.  

Now let's talk numbers...

My rate for quilting is .01 per square inch.  Let's do the math for a simple quilt.  If you send me a 100" x 100" quilt I am going to send you a bill for $100 for the quilting.  The going rate for most other long arm quilters is in the range of 015-.020 per square inch for simple edge designs and that does not always include the thread.  If you are paying .015 the same quilt quilted by someone else is going to cost you $150 and if your quilter's rate is .020 you are going to pay $200 for the same quilt.   Why would/do you pay an extra $50-$100 for quilting?  

This is for edge to edge quilting not custom quilting, custom quilting can and SHOULD cost you more. It's .010 for just about any design that I carry with no additional charge for the thread.  I might charge you extra if you send me a really wrinkled top or backing, but most of the time I will just press it and move on.  If I do charge you, most likely you will find my fees lower than the 'going rate' of other long arm quilters.  

Often I hear "you get what you pay for".  Maybe, maybe not.  I quilt hundreds of quilts each year and feel that I am a very experienced and confident machine quilter.  I am not attempting to get rich or make a name for myself, I just like what I do and am lucky enough to be able to do it.

Recently a blog post was written about Quiltonomics: The Real Cost of Quilts.  Yes, quilting is expensive.  The cost of the material alone can blow a normal budget out of the waters for a month or two.  However, statements like the one below tend to make me a little crazy.

Link above may be unavailable, so here's another link....

"Every time one person undersells, it creates the expectation of the buying public that a low price is the going rate,” Hunter weighed in. “We need to raise our prices to a living wage for the sake of all. We are no less skilled than plumbers and mechanics that charge $100 an hour.” 

The problem I have with this statement is this:

 I believe we will eternally need the services of plumbers and mechanics to keep the plumbing and mechanics of our lives working.  The need will never go away; it is job security.  It isn't a trend to follow, plumbing is pretty much plumbing.  It was plumbing 5 years and will be plumbing 5 years from now.  

In case you are wondering what I'm talking about in the paragraph above, I remember a few years ago when scrapbooking was all the rage.  Now it seems to be quilting.  When will it end?  Will it end?  Who knows?  I don't believe anyone really does.  Yes, there are the eternal diehards that will remain quilting, but will the industry be as strong 5 or even 10 years from now?

I know of several gals in my guild who only make quilts to give away.  They have made more quilts than their families can use or want.  Hard to believe for some of us, but it does happen, and I have seen it.

Is every quilt a fine work of art? Is it really going to be a true heirloom?   Should we/you expected to pay a higher price just because someone thinks their time is valued at a high dollar amount and who sets the standard?  After all isn't this considered a 'craft'?  I don't know of a college out there that offers classes or a degree in quilting.   

I'm sure if you ask the plumbers and mechanics of the world  
they will most likely tell you they do  not feel they are in the 

same category as the quilters.

Another thing...I have known quilters to 'hang a sign' and begin quilting customer quilts just weeks after purchasing their machines.  They would charge the 'going' rate?  WAIT!  What happened to the learning time?  What about the pre-professional pricing?  I certainly didn't begin with the highest price possible.  I have quilted many, many free quilts to learn before even thinking about charging.  Just because you own a machine does not mean you should charge the same price as someone who does superior work.  It's like paying the same amount of money for a Chevy as you would a Rolls Royce.

With all of my heart I believe that if you have made a show-stopping quilt you should expect to pay more for the quilting, but if you have made a quilt to be loved and used, you may want to think about this post and ask yourself… 

Am I paying too much?

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Quilts, and lots of them!

How about a few great quilts today?

First little quilt comes from Christine in CT.  Adorable fabrics were used in making this quilt! She selected a oak leaf and acorn stitching design that works perfectly!  Quite the happy quilt!

Next quilt came my way all the way from the state of Washington!  Ginny made this amazing Oriental quilt with tons and tons of little pieces!  It turned out to be fantastic when it was all said and done!

Our next quilt comes from Jamie in CT and they are two lovely quilts!  The first is a stunning bargello baby quilt with stars and the second a modern design for a young man.  Love the simplicity of the modern quilt and the color selection!  Great job, Jamie!!

Along the modern line of quilts, take a look at Lisa's latest!! The green thread that she selected was perfect for this amazing quilt.  It's a quilt she saw on line, got out the pencils and draft paper and here's what it ended up looking like...

Leslie's quilt is a beautiful log cabin with a mix of the most stunning fabric color selection.  Leslie decided on a very elegant machine quilting design with a deep maroon thread.  It all came together beautifully!

Sandra's quilt is a very musical themed one.  When adding the musical notes for quilting it finishes it off wonderfully.  This is going to be a very loved quilt.

Dana crossed off a UFO with the completion of this snowball quilt.  From what I understood it was a color class that she had taken years ago.  Yellow/golds and greens appear to be the color theme and how amazing it looks finished!  Yea!  Dana!!

Judi K had me quilt this great wall hanging.  Colors are great and it will brighten any room where it hangs.  Thanks Judi!

Fun, fun, fun!!  Judi S has never stopped amazing me with the fun quilts that she brings my way.  The mixture of colors, fabrics and designs are just Judi!  I love working with her quilts!

Hope to be back soon, I've got some fun ideas for blogging!  Unfortunately it's not the lack of ideas it's more about the time.  If you are a blogger you understand the time that goes into these post.  If you are a longarm quilter you understand the photographing that goes with the job.

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