Saturday, April 18, 2015

Life in the fast lane! I AM FAMOUS!!!

With a local guild show in the area I've been amazingly busy helping the gals get their quilts finished up so they could be displayed in the show.  Not sure how many I've done since I'm behind on my paperwork and it's all just shoved into a folder awaiting entry for the month.  Add a couple of days at MQX and it's been a busy month already.

While at MQX I had the opportunity to take a couple of classes with Judy Madsen from Green Fairy Quilts.  OH MY GOSH!!!   I am on her blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sorta, in the 7th photo down you can see a part of my body on the left side of the photo and that's my BLUE CUP on the table!!!!  I am now famous!!  I have appeared on the Judy Madsen Green Fairy Quilts Blog!!!!!!!!!!  Autographs give upon request!!   Okay, okay, back to reality.  Judy is one of the most amazing quilters ever!  If you ever get the opportunity to take one of her classes, you MUST!  She is an amazing speaker, so delightful and entertaining.  Traveling with her sister as she has indicated in her blog post, they are a great team.  And getting a photo of Judy-impossible!!  She talks with her arms and is always moving, she just must crash when she stops.

While at Judy's blog see Lisa Calle?  Took a class with that adorable gal too. What a sweetie she is!  She managed to remain calm and composed while I was totally NOT following her directions during the class.  More on this later, yup, there is a story.

If you aren't familular with Judy's shop, you just don't know!!  BEST prices ever on the Moda line!!  I think Clint, her hubbie is the enabler of all enablers!!  I continually get emails tempting me with all those delicious fabrics at amazing prices!!  Here's a link just so you can be in the know and don't forget to sign up for the emails:

Here's my quilt, it's 1:00pm and it has to be at the school by 3:00 for the guild show and I've still got a sleeve to put on.  Managed the binding, label and sleeve all in a span of 4 hours, but hey, last minute still counts!!

Just another fun little project that I delivered yesterday.  I have been a (sorta) pita with the gal down at the town hall changing dates for our Grantham Sew Days so I took her this cute little mug rug.

Sure sign of spring-finally!  Caught this cute little guy munching in the yard.

Okay, signing off as a new famous person!!

Enjoy the weekend, hope there is sunshine in your life today!

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I'm going out like the lion!

Spring has yet to arrive here in New Hampshire.  The hubs is off skiing today, yup, March 31 and there is still enough snow to ski!!

I've kept pretty busy with all of the really fabulous quilts that have come my way.  Grab a little something to drink and enjoy the show!

ROSEMARY!!!  OMG!!  This is one of the coolest quilts that I've seen!  How super cool is this quilt?  Rosemary sent me a photo of the quilting and I pretty much just copied (purchased) the same design to stitch out on her quilt.  It is PERFECT!  Great job Rosemary!!

Dana kept me busy for a while with these three little quilts!  I enjoyed working with all of the quilts, but the first one!  Sushi!!!   Dana let me stitch out Koi fish and using a blue thread....LOVE IT!!  

YOUNG - Grandma to be Kristina sent me this adorable little quilt for new 
Grand baby in the family.  How perfect is that little quilt with the owls?

The colors on Donna's quilt are beautiful!  Love all the dept the purples bring into this great quilt!  Simple quilting design, it's a wonderful gift!

LOVE the colors on this one too!  The brights are so alive and with the VanGogh modern quilting design, it's a real winner!  Sarah, good job!

Pat put together this great t-shirt quilt for her daughter.  The shirts show all of the  years of hard work and commitment  that went into a variety of jobs.  Mix that with a few special events and it's a real keeper!

Sue has been a busy, busy girl with these two quilts!  Love the way she incorporated a simple flower panel into a great quilt.  Her second quilt is amazing!  The modern design and colors are so cool!  I stitched a modern triangle on it to finish it off.

Here's a super quilt to welcome spring!!  Sue's lilac quilt has tons and tons of little blocks and must have taken for-ever!  It is beautiful!

Who doesn't love Mickey?  This is a fun quilt and it was a pleasure to have
hanging around for a few days!  Kristin, thanks for brightening up my working space and good luck with the raffle!

How amazing is this one?  Candy mixed a touch of yellow in with the blacks and whites on this quilt.  The result is fascinating, just a little makes a huge difference of the overall look of the quilt!

Most of you know Terry, she keeps cranking out those incredible tops!  With all that she does I'm not sure how she finds the time!!  Terry's quilts begin warm and fuzzy, I'm sure once they are completely finished, washed and dried, they are the BEST!!  You can visit Terry over at :  Terry's Treasures

WHEW!!!!!!!!!  This is almost all of the quilts that I had the pleasure of working with during the month of March.  I've got a couple more, but I'm hoping to share those with you at a later time.  

Lots and lots of things happening in my world!  Good things.  

Adding a second retreat and learning lots of new things for the machine quilting.  Meeting new customers is always one of my favorite things and I've had the pleasure of doing quite a bit of that too.  Heading to MQX for some classes, keep your fingers crossed that I absorb loads of good info from some of the biggest names in quilting.

Okay, gotta go put some dinner on...the hubs is going to be home and he'll be looking for something to eat after a hard day on the slopes. 

Don't forget you can see more of these wonderful quilts over at the other blog....

That's it for now!
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Busy, how about you?

My first quilt today is one of Alex's.  This beautiful quilt is a gift for a very special person in her life. I LOVE the modern fabrics with the very girly quilting design and the light pink thread.  It is a winner and will make a fabulous gift for the special person in her life.

Here's a beautiful quilt made by Candy from men's shirts.  With all of the lines Candy decided to mix it up a bit and go with a circular quilting design that finished off the quilt wonderfully!

This adorable little pink quilt came to me all the way from Washington.  Dorothy put this cute little quilt together from her stash.   

Dorothy tells me these fabrics were also from her stash!  
She did a fantastic job of mixing two blocks and then adding the two columns to divide the blocks.  Edging with a combo of all of the fabrics are a great way to use up those scraps!

New quilter Elizabeth brought me this bright baby quilt.  She did a good job with her quarter inch seams which made my job a breeze!  The hearts are always perfect for baby quilts.

Erna had me help her finish this scrappy quilt for a friend of her's.  
LOVE, LOVE. LOVE scrappy!!
Where else can you use all of those tiny little pieces of fabric with all of the fun and funky prints?!

Genia put this super cool modern quilt!
The accent pieces were machine stitched and create the perfect accent pieces for the gray.

This quilt is one that Melynn pulled together from a panel.  She cut the ABC's apart and added a border to create a cute little block.  The monkeys in the corners.  I picked up the circular quilting design from the polka dot fabric sashing.  

This adorable little quilt was a UFO from Melynn's aunt.  She had lost interest in finishing it.  The blue border is just what this little animal print needed to bring it up the a great size for a little person.  I used Cotton Candy as the quilting design, another great one for baby quilts.

A FANTASTIC job on this t-shirt quilt Melynn!!
Love the way you used sashing to incorporate all of the smaller pieces you wanted to bring to the quilt.  It is a drop dead great quilt!
Take a moment to check out the graphic on the quilt,  you won't be sorry you did!

Here's a couple of great quilts from Terry over at Terry's Treasures.  I'm sure most of you know Terry, if you don't hop on over to her blog and check out her latest post.  She's always up to something.

That's it for today, I've got a couple more already done and ready for pictures, both machines are loaded and a few sitting around just waiting for a little attention.

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